NEOC Points Series

NEOC members accumulate points when they participate in NEOC meets. At the year's end, these points determine the Club Champions.
The rules governing the Points Series and the details of the calculations are described in the Points Series Explainer.

Here are the current point tallies for the 2012 NEOC Club Championship point series.

Points for the series are based on your performance against the total field at any race you run at a NEOC local orienteering meet. It is important to remember that only solo runs count for the series and that your points for your best 12 races during the 2012 calendar year will be counted. You are only allowed to have points count from one race in any meet and we automatically give you the points from your best race at each meet. If you are a hard charger and want to run in more than one meet on a given day your best race in each of those meets will be considered eligible races. So far 201 NEOC club members have run in races that could get their points on the board. This is up from the June totals of 157 runners. These orienteers have completed 782 point series races so far this season.

Here are the final results of the 2011 Points Series, as presented at the January 2012 Holiday Party by Peter Frykman (Points Series Administrator).

by Peter Frykman, Points Series Administrator

Well, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. Here are the semi-Final results for the 2011 NEOC Point Series.  These are the results through 23 events ending at the Blue Hills Traverse and Blue Hills Traverse Recreational Meet. There will be 2 more meets to run in and in which you can pick up points. The rules for the Point Series have been explained in previous postings here on the NEOC website . The basic concept is that the series is open to all NEOC members competing in NEOC sponsored non-A meet events. From each NEOC meet you run in your highest score is recorded and up to your 12 highest scores for the season are counted. The details of the scoring method were explained earlier in the year. The end of season rankings will determine the NEOC Club Champions for the 7 female age groups and the 9 male age groups. These will be awarded at the end of season Holiday party that will take place early in 2012.

by Peter Frykman, Points Series Administrator

Here are the standings as of 07 SEP 2011 for the 2011 NEOC Points Series.

I have used the same handicapping scheme that was used last year, but I rebuilt the spreadsheets to accommodate the larger number of people that are involved. This year, all current NEOC members get their points counted in the Series. At this time, 140 NEOCers have been out on courses attempting to rack up points. Just like last year the NEOC Club Champions for the year will be determined by the Points Series.

The final standings are computed.  (Revised standings posted 12/5/10; Subsequent revision posted 12/10/10)

The Pointsp Series is managed by Dan Westerberg, under the following rules.

The NEOC Club Championship Points Series

The NEOC Club Championship Points Series will take the place of a specific 2010 Club Championship meet with goals to (A) encourage as many NEOC orienteers as possible to attend and participate in as many NEOC O-meets as possible, (B) get NEOC members to improve their orienteering, and (C) draw attention to the performances of as many club members as possible by giving them the opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts.

This Points Series is based on your best 10 or so performances in NEOC-sponsored/run orienteering events.

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