The New England Orienteering Club

The mission of the New England Orienteering Club (NEOC) is, in part, to promote orienteering. Making and maintaining high-quality orienteering maps and permitting use of these maps, by both club members and by the general public, supports the club in fulfilling its core mission. This map use policy aims to establish clear guidelines relating to use of NEOC's maps in the following three scenarios: 1) map use for NEOC-sponsored activities, 2) map use for a NEOC member’s personal use, and 3) map use by external organizations. It also outlines guidelines that all map users must follow when using NEOC's maps.

All use of NEOC-copyrighted maps requires the NEOC Board’s approval. When approving map use, the Board takes into account many factors, including land-owner relationships, map cost capitalization, the existing or planned NEOC event schedule, and other items, as appropriate.

  1. NEOC-sponsored activities: The NEOC Board has pre-approved map use for NEOC-sponsored activities. The NEOC VP of Events coordinates NEOC-sponsored activities (races, training sessions, and other events published on the club calendar). Map use for these NEOC-sponsored events is inherent in the Board’s approval of the event schedule.
  2. NEOC members – personal activities: NEOC Board has pre-approved map use by members for certain personal activities, such as orienteering training and birthday parties. Map use for activities which charge a fee or that involve use of other NEOC equipment (e.g. orienteering controls or e-punch equipment) must be specially approved by the Board on a case-by-case basis, and will be screened by a NEOC Board designee (hereinafter designee). See map use by external organizations below for further details on such a request.
  3. Map Use by external organizations: External organizations using a NEOC map should request that map use through the Map Committee Chair (hereafter, designee).
    Requests should include:
    • the map location (name of map),
    • a full description of the activity, and
    • an estimate of the number of people involved in the activity.
    The designee should consider the impact on NEOC’s right to use the area for orienteering in the future as well as impact of the proposed event on the existing NEOC event schedule. The designee should consult with the VP of Events and/or the Board depending on the likely potential impact of the requested activity on these factors.

When the requirements of this map use policy have been met, the designee shall provide the requestee with access to the map (as a .pdf file), and also provide NEOC’s standard disclaimer statement relating to map use and liability.

Guidelines for all Map Users

  • Must maintain at least the minimum map information on the maps: NEOC copyright, NEOC web address, magnetic north lines, scale, and contour interval.
  • Should include other standard information when feasible (map title, location, NEOC logo, declination statement, land access statement, production credits, and a map legend for beginners).
  • Must abide by landowner rules & regulations, typically posted at trailheads, parking areas, or posted on-line. This includes restrictions on group size, and awareness/avoidance of environmentally sensitive areas (e.g. vernal pools, flower beds, planted fields, etc.).
  • Must respect other users (e.g. hikers, horseback riders, mountain bikers) and permitted activities (e.g. campsites, picnics, etc.).
  • Should contact the NEOC Mapping Committee Chair to coordinate map updates for inaccurate areas identified during use.