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Needham Town Forest, Needham, MA
April 25, 2015
Meet Director: Jeff Schapiro

A comfortable, sunny day set the backdrop for the Needham event.  We had 84 starts which were quite evenly distributed with only the White course attracting a lesser degree of interest.

In recent years, the Town Forest has become a very popular venue for trail bike riders.  As a result, a great number of new biking trails have been introduced on the terrain.  The presence of these trails proved somewhat of a dilemma for the meet director.  Both time constraints and concerns about map legibility made it undesirable to try to fully map the biking trails. In the end, I opted to map only the bike trails which seemed likely to influence competitors on the White and Yellow courses. I also tried to indicate intersections which crossed the pre-existing trail network.  It is hoped that the presence of the numerous unmapped trails did not prove to be too excessive of a distraction to the competitors on the upper courses.

The woods in Needham are generally open for running and provide a fairly intricate array of small terrain features.  Competitors on the Yellow course were also amused to discover the elaborate model train that has been erected by one of the adjacent neighbors in the southeast region of the map.  Ian Smith set the standard for excellence with a sub-45:00 performance on the Red course.  Meet organizers are saddened that they will have to consider this result unofficial as Ian failed to start within the prescribed start window.  :-)

Many thanks to Michael Cooper and Marsha Westerberg who assisted with Registration, and also to the omnipresent Jim Paschetto who once again ran the computer, to the great relief of the technically challenged meet director.  I was pleased that Scott Turner and Ken Menzies were able to assist with the computer towards end of the event which allowed Jim the opportunity to run a Green course.  Jim and Ian were also gracious enough to stay afterwards to help pick up the controls.  In addition, special thanks are also due to my sister Amy who served as parking consultant and somehow managed to park about 50 cars in a venue that was only designed for about 20, thereby saving competitors the unpleasant option of parking at the quite distant overflow parking area.

View the splits here (courtesy of WinSplits). Raw splits file is here.

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White 1.79k  
  Name Club Time  
1 Ivan Ivanov NEOC 34:31
2 Greg & Eleanor Lewis NEOC 45:36
3 Patrick McNeal NEOC 46:06
4 Bob & Anita Redus   72:55
Yellow 2.38k  
  Name Club Time  
1 Bridget Hall NEOC 36:59
2 Greg Lewis NEOC 43:34
3 Roland & Ted Ouelette NEOC 48:51
4 Liat Shapiro NEOC 54:00
5 Terry Myers Coney NEOC 55:40
6 Bob & Anita Redus   57:23
7 Sarah Björkman NEOC 58:00
8 Andy McIlvaine NEOC 61:43
8 Caroline McIlvaine NEOC 61:43
10 David, Jacob, Peter Severance NEOC 63:38
11 Steve & Betsy Fiedler NEOC 66:22
12 Dan Scotina   71:30
13 Chris Noon NEOC 72:27
14 Marsha Westerberg NEOC 78:54
15 Jennifer Fitzsimmons-Gauger NEOC 91:35
16 Bruce Schweitzer NEOC 94:23
17 Shane O'Donohoe   107:09
  Naomi Shapiro NEOC DNF
  Fiona Clot NEOC DNF
Orange 3.26k  
  Name Club Time  
1 Patrick McNeal NEOC 63:09
2 Yana Galukhina NEOC 65:10
3 Aims Coney NEOC 70:36
4 Team Jake (2) NEOC 90:22
5 Aaron Aaker & Ethan Aaker NEOC 106:37
6 John Mitchell NEOC 111:40
7 David Penfield NEOC 117:38
8 Andy, David, Zach Baumel NEOC 117:42
9 Sean Lane (2) NEOC 120:25
10 Ulla Björkman IK YMER 123:22
11 Joan Albert, Emily Chang   130:46
12 Mia & Andrew Vakhutinsky NEOC 132:43
13 Sarah Valentine NEOC 175:32
14 David Goldman (4)   177:10
15 G. Seifert LIOC 305:37
  David & Jacob Severance NEOC DNF
  Clarissa Smith +1 NEOC DNF
  John Bottoms   DNF
  Tom Jones NEOC DNF
  Team Tobias (2) NEOC DNF
Brown 3.27k  
  Name Club Time  
1 Leif Björkman IK YMER 60:25
2 Neil & Dashiell Martin NEOC 65:54
3 Gil Shapiro NEOC 67:36
4 Isaac Shapiro NEOC 76:41
5 Richard Powers NEOC 79:30
6 Judith Karpinski NEOC 90:37
7 Tim Booth NEOC 97:08
8 Peter Frykman NEOC 100:21
9 Gabe Bronk, P. Carrera, P. Lu NEOC 129:30
10 Diane Menzies NEOC 192:00
  Hop Holmberg NEOC DNF
  Peter Severance NEOC DNF
  Ken Menzies NEOC DNF
  Roland & Ted Ouelette NEOC DNF
Green 4.55k  
  Name Club Time  
1 Jon K. Hansen Viking (NO) 66:19
2 Mika Latva-Kokko NEOC 68:15
3 Michael Cooper NEOC 71:24
4 Pete Lane NEOC 89:29
5 Michael Tollefson NEOC 97:54
6 Will Dewey NEOC 98:12
7 David Webster   101:43
8 Jim Paschetto NEOC 106:36
9 Jaana Pietari NEOC 130:31
10 Bill Binette NEOC 149:45
11 Richard Shapiro NEOC 163:31
  Xavier Fradera NEOC DNF
  Richard Powers NEOC DNF
  John Kernochan NEOC DNF
Red 5.65k  
  Name Club Time  
1 Ian Smith CSU 44:27
2 Andy Hall NEOC 58:46
3 Will Daniels NEOC 62:12
4 Kristin Hall NEOC 68:32
5 Magnus Björkman NEOC 71:24
6 Jeffrey Saeger NEOC 74:17
7 Scott Turner NEOC 79:57
8 Joe Usoff NEOC 85:40
9 Tom Nolan QOC 94:43
10 Bob Dangel NEOC 96:34
11 Phil Bricker NEOC 104:42
12 David Quinn NEOC 115:22
13 Jeanne & Mark Hummel NEOC 192:48