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Spring Scout-O, Hale Education, Westwood, MA
April 15, 2023
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 What an amazing day!  With 350 enthusiastic youth and adults, 13 absolutely fabulous volunteers, perfect weather, lots of orienteering & a giant field to play & hang out in, we couldn't have asked for a better Spring Scout-O.

Most folks went out with an instructor on one of the 3 Teaching Courses, short 700-900 m courses with a variety of controls that ranged from White ("I can see it from the Start") to almost Orange (you really want to cross the mushy swamp infested with green briar??).  

About 20 groups went out on each of White A and White B, 30 groups on each of Yellow A & Yellow B and 9 brave groups that went out on Orange. And even 1 on Brown! Total starts were 133.

A huge thank you to instructors Channon Ames, Dorina Nimigean, Andy McIlvaine, Doug Sevon, Ed Baldwin, Xevi Fradera, Pete Lane, David Landrigen, Jim Paschetto & Mark O'Connell!  Given the fact we didn't have to do any search & rescue, they all did a great job :-). We also received many compliments on how much the scouts learned from them.

The event wouldn't have worked at all without Julie Baldwin checking everyone in and rounding up instructors for everyone who wanted one, Pam Smith who deftly handled Finishers using a random mix of pin punching and QRienteering, and Lori Jones who appeared out of nowhere to save the day at Starts. And extra thanks to Julie for yummy cookies to keep the volunteers fueled.

Additional thanks to Jim P & Pete L for helping hang controls, Jim P & Mark O for the website/QRienteering side of things, and the folks at Hale Education for being so nice to work with.

The White, Yellow, Orange (plus advanced courses Brown, Green & Red) will be up until sunset on Sunday April 30, 2023.  All the extra copies of the maps are at the gate attendant hut if you need more. Please feel free to come back & try another course.

Next Scout-O events (pending permit approval):

  • Fall Scout-O - October 28-29, 2023 at Nobscot Reservation in Sudbury, MA
  • Spring Scout-O - April 13, 2024 at Hale Education in Westwood, MA


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