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From Hans Bengtsson —

One of the core founders of NEOC died on December 8, 2021. George was one of the gang of five at Charlie's Kitchen in Cambridge on March 29, 1972, where we decided to form an orienteering club.

Read George's obituary.

George Atkinson

Peter Reynolds, Lena Andrée-Bengtsson, Hans Bengtsson, George Atkinson, Meredith Owen-Atkinson
The five core founders at NEOC's 30th bash 2002.


by Kristin Hall

NEOC's fall in-person events attracted hundreds of people, and challenged all with a variety of courses. Of the hundreds, 45 dedicated NEOC orienteers achieved a final score in the Fall Point Series by competing at three (or more) events on the same course. The series used "cross country scoring," with first place receiving one point, second two points, and so forth. Each athlete's lowest three scores were totaled, and the athlete with the lowest score on each course was victorious.

No runner achieved a perfect score of three points, but Isla Finlayson-Johnecheck came close, dominating the White course with just four points! Two sets of siblings, the Webbs and the Kvaitchadzes, took the top four places on the Yellow course, with Tor Webb narrowly edging out brother Lukas for the overall win.

Continuing Mike Cooper's "think aloud" video series, the Green BYOM course at Nobscot Scout Reservation, November, 2021.

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The NEOC Fall Point Series is underway, and the (friendly) competition is heating up! Current standings can be viewed here: Fall Point Series Standings. There is currently a three-way tie on Yellow, with Charlotte Duhamel, Lukas Webb, and Tor Webb all at 4 points with one more score needed. But Jieran Kvaitchadze has three scores already, and has improved with each event so far, so who knows what will happen? The high school athletes (Cambridge and Arlington, and maybe more) are crushing the grown-ups on Orange. Family battles are playing out on Brown: will Trisha Underwood keep her lead over Roger? And on Green: will Kristin Hall ever beat daughter Bridget again? Who will triumph in the Yeowell-O'Connell household?

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