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by Peter Gagarin

Some, maybe a lot, already know that the 2011 World Orienteering Champs and World Trail-O’ Champs start tomorrow. But just in case, here’s a bit of a heads up about what’s on tap.

The WOC is being held in Chambery, France, a small city in eastern France about an hour’s drive southwest of Geneva. The sprint will be urban, as has become the tradition, whereas the other events will take place in the hills to the east. Maybe I should say mountains, or at least very serious hills, elevation around 4,000-4,500 feet. And from all appearances, it will be rough and tough orienteering. 

Results from the miniature golf at the Orienteering USA Convention in NY last week

21 players.

  • Sam Levitin and Jeff Saeger tied for 2nd at 46 strokes.
  • Joanne Sankus 9th at 52. Aidan Murray tied for 11th at 54.
  • Cameron Murray 13th at 55.
  • Valerie Murray 14th at 56.
  • Judy Karpinski 15th at 60.

The most spectacular shot was by Nadezhda Popova who was playing a threesome with Joanne and Sam. She teed off for hole #2. It bounced over onto the green for #3, went through the tunnel under the windmill, missing the arms of the windmill which would block the tunnel and was just inches from a hole-in-one! Not bad for a first time mini-golfer. :-)

Sharp-eyed Tim P. spotted a photo of NEOC member Andy H. at yesterday's Scottish 6-Days event — arrayed in the new club uniform!

Horn Pond Meet & NEOC Annual General Meeting

Club meet, Picnic, & Election of Officers

Sunday, June 12
Horn Pond, Woburn, MA 

  • Orienteering - 4 courses
  • Pot-Luck Picnic
  • Club meeting and Election of Board members

Complete details in the Events List.

In which we periodically examine how art imitates life and life imitates orienteering.

by Peter Amram

The hero of Kim, Rudyard Kipling's classic of adventure and intrigue in India in the late 19th century, is a young Irish orphan, Kimball O'Hara. Kim enters a school specializing in geography and cartography. His covert sponsor for this education was the cynical and exacting British Secret Service, and Kim was being prepared as an intelligence agent for the Great Game: the struggle between the British and Russians for control of Central Asia.

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