The Junior Training camp has been scheduled for March 23-25 at Blue Mountain for this year. Erin Schirm has volunteered to organize and run the training part of the camp. She is looking for people to help out with training exercises for the various groups, and to put out and take down controls.

Erin is also putting out a call to any elites and team members to consider coming down for a day or the whole time to share your knowldge with the juniors, get to know them, and inspire the future of orienteering. Also to the Veterans of orienteering who have been around for a long time and know the ins and outs of the sport, it would be great if you could either come and share what you know with the kids, or send Erin some training ideas and practice tips that you have found to help young orienteers develop their ability.

Contact Erin Schirm if you have any interest in helping.