by Peter Gagarin

Today was the Long qualifier, and might as well get right too it, bravo for Alison Crocker who finished 10th in her heat and advances to the final on Wednesday. Ali was reasonably pleased with her run (this was before she know she had qualified, when that was clear she was delighted), maybe two or three minutes of mistakes, but never anything real bad or total panic. Good for her!

Canadian Carol Ross also qualified (14th in a different heat), and so both countries have one in the finals.

Some links:
Overall report from World of O’:

Results, splits, and maps:

I talked to Alex and Samantha afterwards. Both had a real bad control. These things happen. Tomorrow is another day. The guys (Wyatt, Jordan, and Ross) all also had controls that they would just as soon forget about.

PS. There is an open comment thread on AttackPoint: