by Peter Gagarin

Some, maybe a lot, already know that the 2011 World Orienteering Champs and World Trail-O’ Champs start tomorrow. But just in case, here’s a bit of a heads up about what’s on tap.

The WOC is being held in Chambery, France, a small city in eastern France about an hour’s drive southwest of Geneva. The sprint will be urban, as has become the tradition, whereas the other events will take place in the hills to the east. Maybe I should say mountains, or at least very serious hills, elevation around 4,000-4,500 feet. And from all appearances, it will be rough and tough orienteering. 

The first event is tomorrow afternoon, the Long qualifier, with the usual rules, up to 3 runners for each country, one in each of three heats, and the top 15 in each heat advance to the finals which will be held later next week. It is not easy, not easy at all, to make the finals. Running for the USA will be Alex Jospe, Samantha Saeger, and Alison Crocker for the women, and Wyatt Riley, Jordan Laughlin, and Ross Smith for the men. Good luck to all of them.

Some useful links --

The website for WOC:

For live results:
There will be no GPS coverage until the Sprint finals on Wednesday

The USA Team blog:

Some training maps to give you an idea of how difficult it is:

No one is saying it is going to be easy.

Join me in sending lots of good wishes to all our team members.