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by Bridgette Hall

This was the second year of the NEOC Winter Challenge! This winter there were courses set at five parks in the area to offer some training during the break between seasons. We tried to mix it up a bit with some training for specific skills and some regular courses, and it seems like it was a hit! Some braved the icy woods, others found the warm days to go out, all had a good time. There were a total of 92 starts; perhaps more if others did not have the chance to add their times to the spreadsheet.

There were 7 people that made it to all five trainings:
Sam Levitin
Jim Crawford
Mark O'Connell
Karen Yeowell
Dorina Nimigean
Magnus Bjorkman
Bill Binette

A big thanks to Mori, Jon, and Wendy for helping out: Mori for the Mary Cummings Park training and the spreadsheet setup, Jon for helping with map issues, and Wendy for all the support throughout the whole planning process. Thank you to everyone that dealt with the few technical problems as well—fingers crossed for even fewer next time. And also thank you to everyone that put their notes on the spreadsheet. I greatly enjoyed reading what everyone had to say and I know I’m not alone in that!

Here’s to a fun spring season after a good winter of training!