Auburndale Park & Flowed Meadows, Newton, MA
March 26-April 3, 2022
Meet Directors: Channon Ames, Karen Yeowell

It was a blustery week for the BYOM event at Auburndale Park and I quickly learned that the method of tying the controls is key in keeping them up for an entire week in the wind. Apologies if you ran and got a DNF because a control was missing. Several trips were made throughout the week to re-tie and replace controls that went missing.

In total, we had almost 90 starts on the White, Yellow and 3 Sprint courses that were set up. Some people were newly introduced to orienteering as part of the March 26th Introduction to Orienteering Training, others were seasoned pros with some really fast times.

All in all it was a great start and refresher for the upcoming orienteering season.