The New England Orienteering Club

Blue Hills Motala, Milton, MA
October 21, 2018
Meet Director: Peter Amram

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  • Grey, zip-front hoodie; XS.

The First Annual Blue Hills Motala was made possible by Jeff Saeger (vetting and W/Y controls), Jim Paschetto (maps and timing), Bud O’Leary (registration, general administration, and hot dogs) Sylvie Guichard (imaginative publicity and site organization), Xevi Fradera (general administration), Ellen DeNooyer and Caroline Whiddon (live horn music), and many others whom unfortunately I cannot recognize here because my own duties kept me at a distance from the administrative area. Many thanks to all, named above or not.

The trails of the White/Yellow course were animated by an heartening number of participants, including several groups of Scouts and a lively 4H contingent.

About 50 runners started the two motalas. The chill and rain definitely kept away some NEOCers who intended to attend and could not, early in the morning, anticipate that by race time weather was not a problem.

Anecdotal evidence afterwards was that the format was agreeable in itself and as a novelty in the NEOC schedule.
I will endeavor to find out why DNFs occurred as they did. It is possible that an option in the future is only two of the three loops. DNFs because of poor control location is a function of the technical competence of the course-setter (me), but DNFs because the physical challenge is a function of weak overall planning (me again).

People seemed to enjoy the Call To The Post and the William Tell Overture excerpt at the Start. In fact, one participant said he wished the music had been played DURING the Start and not before, for added drama. (I’ll check with my wife and her friend on that one.)

I hope we can put on the Second Annual BHM next fall, having learned what worked well and less well from this year’s offering.

Peter Amram

View the splits here (courtesy of WinSplits). For the raw splits file, click menu Results>Raw Splits Files.

This event will be put in RouteGadget if there is strong demand. (Both Motala courses have 6 variations!) If you want your motala course on RouteGadget, contact the Webmaster.

White-Yellow 1.9k
Name Club Time
1 Lukas CSU 18:19
2 Tor Webb CSU 19:52
3 Priya Landrigan CRLS 19:57
4 David Landrigan CRLS 25:53
5 Lukas Nemet NEOC 25:58
6 Sam Greene NEOC 29:11
7 Jim McGahan NEOC 30:54
8 shane Bunker NEOC 31:58
9 Frida Green NEOC 34:07
10 Nathaniel Conor Jacob 35:27
10 Alex Hee, Harry Murphy 35:27
12 Janet Ryan 35:46
13 Troupe 44 37:43
14 Ian Hubchub 38:24
15 Akush & Andrew 39:01
16 Austin Dixon 41:30
17 Robert Silva/Katie Hastie 48:58
18 Xavier Haurie 49:15
19 Tim Kronewitter NEOC 50:27
20 Misha Orlovsky 52:10
21 John Bottoms NEOC 53:35
22 Mia, Eliana, Andrew 60:03
23 Brian Nicole 81:00
24 Patrice Miller NEOC 103:42
25 Michael Commons NEOC 107:43
26 Alana Commons 107:58
Tr. 44 DNF
Jane Bates NEOC DNF
Selena Rose DNF
S Carlett NEOC DNF
Matilda Muse DNF
Jan Barbas DNF
Emma Barbas NEOC DNF
Teia Faiano DNF
Zoe Faiano DNF
Sarah Bates NEOC DNF
Amy Panichella DNF
Audrey Panichella DNF
Regular-Motala 4.1k
Name Club Time
1 Erin Looney NEOC 72:15
2 Kelly Guarino NEOC 82:16
3 Erik Tamre 89:49
4 Rick Keilty 91:52
5 Bill Binette NEOC 95:10
6 Mori Wendy NEOC 98:43
7 David Landrigan CRLS 106:26
8 Priya Landrigan CRLS 108:04
9 Suzanne Robinson 109:47
10 Barbara Anderson NEOC 113:41
11 Dorina Nimigean NEOC 115:27
12 Judith Karpinski NEOC 119:58
13 Pelle Wåhlström NEOC 122:31
14 Jim Paschetto NEOC 126:12
15 Emmet Cohen CRLS 127:14
16 Will Spurgeon NEOC 128:17
17 Bronk Kwan NEOC 138:13
18 Chris Noon NEOC 145:28
19 Ian & Ivan NEOC 159:57
20 Isaac Freierman CRLS 163:25
Diane Menzies NEOC DNF
Aidan O'Keefe CRLS DNF
Karen Anderson NEOC DNF
Gregory Khrapunovich NEOC DNF
Ken Menzies NEOC DNF
Joanne Sankus NEOC DNF
Kate Flock DNF
Andy McIlvaine NEOC DNF
Long-Motala 5.6k
Name Club Time
1 Ethan Childs GMOC 54:37
2 Bridget Hall NEOC 64:10
3 Jeffrey Saeger NEOC 64:43
4 Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 71:17
5 Dean Sturtevant NEOC 98:14
6 Roman NEOC 103:51
7 Maria Bloom NEOC 106:05
8 Justin Witey NEOC 110:19
9 Brett Anderson NEOC 115:49
10 Mark Webb CSU 130:17
11 Jim Crawford NEOC 135:35
12 John Farley 149:24
13 Mark O'Connell NEOC 153:34
14 Karen Yeowell NEOC 191:40
Richard Powers NEOC DNF
Xavier Fradera DNF
Pia Webb CSU DNF
Michael Springer NEOC DNF
Nat Brooks NEOC DNF