The New England Orienteering Club

Colt State Park, Bristol, RI
April 21, 2018
Meet Director: Don Hall

Colt State Park in Bristol RI is a beautiful seaside venue. Our goal was to introduce newcomers to Orienteering. We succeeded with about 20 first timers giving it a go on White and Yellow and, on finishing, asking where and when the next meet would be. We were also glad to see some seasoned veterans show up. They mostly ran the Pink course, a 7 km course with controls placed at a White level of difficulty that provided a good workout.

The day began rather chilly, 40 degrees with a 10-15 mph wind from the NW, but by 11 AM the wind had subsided and the temperature climbed into the fifties for ideal O conditions.

Thanks to Ben Hedly and Arthur Testa for handling registration and Larry Rutter for placing and picking up controls. These three gentlemen were introduced to Orienteering last season and hope to continue this season. Karl Stephens, a longtime NEOC member who ran two meets per year in RI on maps he helped make for more than 30 years, covered instruction. Jim Paschetto, a dedicated, hard-working NEOCer, took care of all the e-punch and results tabulations. Ed Despard and Alex Jospe helped with control pickup.

View the splits here (courtesy of WinSplits).
For the raw splits file, click menu Results>Raw Splits Files.

White 2.9k
Name Club Time
1 Jeanne & Kirsten Hummel NEOC 37:47
2 Boys ElmFarm (4) 47:11
3 Katja Vinha 49:10
4 Debra Moore, Gareth McCullough 50:00
5 Leigea Landry 51:45
6 Colette Powell +1 56:11
7 Girls ElmFarm (2) 56:18
8 Cheryl Priplata +2 57:38
9 Jon & Mairead Lapierre 60:32
10 Lynn Puckett, Joanne Rotondo 67:04
11 Sean O'Dowd +1 NEOC 69:00
12 Amber, Bryan, Melanie Pollard 72:07
Yellow 3.7k
Name Club Time
1 Chris Drance 42:14
2 Mark & Jeanne Hummel NEOC 46:06
3 Shawn Lowry, Kirsten Hummel 46:25
4 Evgeny & Alyssa Remizov NEOC 68:46
5 Nancy LeClair 70:22
6 Carston & Quenton Friedman +1 75:13
7 Aline Rober +1 78:01
8 Michael Commons NEOC 160:50
9 Alana Commons NEOC 160:51
10 Patrice Miller NEOC 160:56
Tatiana Koudinova NEOC DNF
Pink 6.96k
Name Club Time
1 Maria Bloom NEOC 43:38
2 Ed Despard CSU 44:13
3 Shawn Lowry NEOC 50:45
4 Mark Hummel NEOC 50:48
5 Justin Wiley 57:07
6 Alex Jospe CSU 61:24
7 Jim Crawford NEOC 61:30
8 Maria Remizova NEOC 77:04
9 Boyd Potts, Gail DeRuzzo NEOC 86:13
Chris Noon NEOC DNF
Jonathan Bloom DNF