The New England Orienteering Club

Prospect Hill, Waltham, MA
November 3, 2018
Meet Director: Pelle Wåhlström
Course Setters: Pelle Wåhlström & Sam Levitin

Found: Two gift cards from a well known chain. To recover, contact Pelle.

Prospect Hill is always a popular event because of its convenient location and beginner-friendly woods. This time it was a little later than normal, and on the morning of the meet the Boston Area was hit by heavy a downpour making the meet less enticing. However, despite that there were a fair amount of runners. We had 70 participants. The green course (the longest) had many runners, and the white course had a fair amount of participants, a lot of them a group of MCJROTC (Marine Corps Junior ROTC) teenagers from Boston that arrived in a school bus and had their first orienteering experience. Hopefully not their last. One of the MCJROTC groups that first took controls out of order even re-ran the race to get a completed time.

The race went without major mishaps except for one white group that went the wrong way from the start at first (downhill) but finished anyway. One yellow control was slightly misplaced, but nobody but Andy McIlvaine noticed (or notified).

Great help was provided for course design by Sam Levitin, with good suggested updates to the map among many other things. At setup the meet director was very happy with the excellent help that was provided. Everything went like an oiled machine thanks to laptop help (Jim Paschetto, Jim Crawford and Sylvie Guichard), registration (Sylvie Guichard again, Marcia Steere, Bill Binette) + Tobias Karlsson and Any McIlvaine. Also the course pickup was greatly helped by Karen Yeowell and Jon Campbell, who also took most of the equipment directly to the next week’s meet at Mt. Wachusett.

For coming years I would suggest doing Prospect Hill before November, because it’s sometimes nice to take a car into the park, but it was closed for winter the week before the meet. October is also warmer and draws more crowds although the weather was unseasonably warm this time.

View the splits here (courtesy of WinSplits). For the raw splits file, click menu Results>Raw Splits Files.

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White 1.6k 40m
Name Club Time
1 Alberto & Dimitri Jesus 19:23
2 Hal Edmonson & Alexandra Cok 27:02
3 Bradford Kimball NEOC 38:09
4 Garcia Nova & Vasquez 43:37
5 Peter Campbell NEOC 54:49
6 Ege M Yildiz-Botterud 57:39
7 Mark Reed 67:03
8 Nely, Gio & Gorgora 69:14
9 Murale Ayapillai 79:34
10 Walker Roberts & Monegro 88:32
11 Allen Martinez & de Oliveiota 90:50
12 Joshua, Alex and Robert 98:19
Yellow 2.8k 90m
Name Club Time
1 Andy McIlvaine NEOC 38:36
2 Mori Finlayson NEOC 46:33
3 Bruce Raymond NEOC 50:21
4 Sam Greene NEOC 50:25
5 Guadalupe Duran 60:47
6 Hal Edmonson & Alexandra Cok 64:41
7 Hanyu Chwe 84:18
8 Daniel Halloran BSA 114:52
Orange 3.2k 120m
Name Club Time
1 Suzanne Robinson NEOC 59:57
2 Corin Brown 79:14
3 Adam Miller 86:36
Janet Riley NEOC DNF
Brown 2.1k
Name Club Time
1 Wendy Johnecheck NEOC 29:23
2 Xavier Fradera NEOC 30:09
3 Bill Binette NEOC 38:17
4 John Kernochan NEOC 42:50
5 David & Priya NEOC 52:30
6 Peter Amram NEOC 54:25
7 John & Caitlin NEOC 74:31
8 Richard Shapiro NEOC 81:34
Green 4.3k 160m
Name Club Time
1 Keegan NEOC 35:10
2 Daniel Monckton NWOC (New Zealand) 36:34
3 Ethan Childs GMOC 37:12
4 Bo Nielsen NEOC 40:48
5 Alex Jospe CSU 41:15
6 Jon Campbell NEOC 46:35
7 Ed Despard CSU 50:09
8 Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 51:12
9 Jeffrey Saeger NEOC 52:37
10 Phil Bricker NEOC 52:42
11 Stephen Tarry UNO 53:03
12 Tobias Karlsson NEOC 55:00
13 Bridget Hall NEOC 55:04
14 Maria Bloom NEOC 59:35
15 Chris 64:50
16 Jim Paschetto NEOC 70:14
17 Jimmy Burnham CSU 72:49
18 Mark O'Connell NEOC 74:25
19 Roman Nemet NEOC 75:26
20 Tatiana Husak 76:10
21 Karen Yeowell NEOC 88:48
22 David Quinn NEOC 89:24
23 Justin Wiley NEOC 89:50
24 Chris Noon NEOC 93:11
25 Jim Crawford NEOC 95:33
26 John Kernochan NEOC 186:02
Lukas Nemet NEOC DNF
Xavier Fradera NEOC DNF

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