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Noon Hill, Medford, MA
October 2, 2016
Meet Director: Ian Smith

Today was the debut event at Noon Hill Reservation! This particular map was a personal project of mine - I ran in the woods here in April 2015 and decided the terrain was interesting enough to justify making a map. The map is classic New England terrain; half of it has the eponymous Noon Hill with rocky terrain and varied contours, while the other half has diffuse forest and low lying marshes.  

Despite a dreary, cool day with perpetual mist and fog, we had respectable turnout with about 90 people.  The limiting aspect of this terrain is the parking, and it was just adequate - with good packing of the lot at the start and spillover onto the gravel Noon Hill road.  I had a fantastic crew of meet staff that made the day run very smoothly.  Tim Parson, Andy McIlvaine, Richard Powers, Peter Amram, Keith Durand, John Kernochan, and Magnus Bjorkman worked registration; Tim Booth and Bo Nielsen ran results; and the Tims, Dave Yee, Isabel Bryant, and Ethan Childs helped with control pickup and event cleanup.  I estimate the total cost of the meet at about 70 hours of volunteer time.  Special thanks to Tim Parson for orchestrating much of the event site and to Tim Booth for handling and posting results.  Life is easy as a meet director with such self-sufficient meet staff. 

The distribution of runners on the courses was fairly uniform and typical for a local meet.  The Brown course appeared to be the most technically challenging, with numerous short, technical legs.  Ethan Childs had an excellent run on the 5.8 km red course, and Mori Finlayson crushed the white course before finishing a close second on the yellow course.  

The terrain and map are quite interesting, and while it's difficult to set anything longer than a 6-8 km course, Noon Hill makes an excellent addition to NEOC's repertoire of maps inside of the Interstate 495 loop near Boston.  Our presence didn't seem overly disruptive to either the dog walkers or other users of the park, though care must be taken, especially with respect to managing parking. 

View the splits here (courtesy of WinSplits). For the raw splits file, click menu Results>Raw Splits Files.

This event will shortly be in NEOC's RouteGadget (menu: Results>RouteGadget). Draw your route to share with others, or just use the SplitsBrowser to analyze your run.

White 1.5k
  Name Club Time  
1 Mori Finlayson NEOC 22:00
2 Kyle Joly NEOC 26:55
3 Tracy, Jeremy +1 NEOC 54:03
4 Hebret Shibberu   83:35
Yellow 1.8k
  Name Club Time  
1 Sierra Springer NEOC 40:40
2 Mori Finlayson NEOC 42:59
3 Rebecca+Eamonn Kelly   46:49
4 Brian Kelly   47:02
5 Grant, Emmet, Ailish Cook NEOC 50:16
6 Matthew Somerset   51:53
7 Tegan Mortimer   60:45
8 Katie Passino   64:50
9 North Farmers   70:24
10 Kyle Joly NEOC 75:03
11 Erik Tobies   81:10
12 Teresa Broering NEOC 83:10
13 Philip Durbin NEOC 83:30
14 Mia Vaklutinsky   84:31
15 Alina Shropak   84:34
  Janet Ryan   DNF
  Jason Hu   DNF
Orange 2.9k
  Name Club Time  
1 William Langhauser   50:21
2 Thomas Storwick   51:40
3 Bridget Hall NEOC 51:53
4 Bob Farrell   72:06
5 Alan Chrisholm NEOC 72:56
6 Jason Tdoy   79:00
7 Terry Costello NEOC 80:32
8 Steven Onurato   86:04
9 Karen & Steven Newberger   144:17
10 Diane Menzies NEOC 149:27
  Johu Mitchell NEOC DNF
Brown 3.0k
  Name Club Time  
1 Gary Gallagher NEOC 52:19
2 Roger Underwood NEOC 65:39
3 Dorina Nimigean NEOC 74:05
4 Judith Karpinski NEOC 77:55
5 Andy McIlvaine NEOC 87:11
6 Sylvie Guichard NEOC 95:18
7 Richard Shapiro NEOC 99:34
8 Ken Menzies NEOC 104:37
9 Faye Doria UNO 109:29
10 John Kernochan + 1 NEOC 140:50
  Terry Costello NEOC DNF
  Wendy Johnecheck NEOC DNF
  Tim Booth NEOC DNF
  Tom Jones NEOC DNF
  Chris Xloon NEOC DNF
Green 4.8k
  Name Club Time  
1 Michael Cooper NEOC 70:51
2 Dean Sturtevant NEOC 76:15
3 Keith Durand CSU 91:34
4 Kelly Cuorino NEOC 95:16
5 Trisha Underwood NEOC 104:52
6 Jim Crawford NEOC 106:20
7 Suzanne Wuge NEOC 116:04
8 Richard Powers NEOC 117:16
9 Rafael Frutos NEOC 121:24
10 Elinor Karlsson NEOC 124:19
11 Sam Levitin NEOC 137:46
12 Pelle Wåhlström NEOC 146:09
13 Jeanne&Mark Hummel NEOC 177:11
  Xavier Fradera NEOC DNF
  Barb Bryant NEOC DNF
Red 5.8k
  Name Club Time  
1 Ethan Childs GMOC 45:35
2 Tim Parson NEOC-MQ 62:28
3 Isobel Bryant CSU 62:39
4 Ian Finlayson NEOC 62:54
5 Kristin Hall NEOC 65:02
6 Bo Nielsen NEOC 68:44
7 J-J Cote NEOC 73:18
8 Dave Yee NEOC 74:07
9 Jeffrey Saeger NEOC 74:40
10 Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 78:00
11 Steve Richardson WCOC 82:35
12 Alex Vai NEOC 95:36
13 Tobias Karlsson NEOC 99:30
14 Dan Walker SDO 110:40
15 Doug Sevon NEOC 128:08
  Bill Binette NEOC DNF
  Bob Dangel NEOC DNF
  Michael Dwyer NEOC DNF