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Great Brook Farm, Carlisle MA
September 17, 2016
Meet Director: Kelly Guarino

It was a gloriously sunny, early-fall Saturday at Great Brook Farm State Park, and a great day for orienteering. The fields and open trails got a bit hot, but since we had started with a cold morning, the woods stayed fairly cool.

This venue tends to draw many newcomers and groups, and that was true this year. We had many families with kids, couples, buddies, and groups of friends. We also had 2 troops of Boy Scouts, one participant brought a group of co-workers, and I got to see some Carlisle friends who were trying orienteering for the first time. We did a lot of instruction, and it was great to see so many people learning about orienteering. A number of competitors with beginner-level experience decided to try moving up a level and took on Yellow and Orange courses. Maybe this was why the Orange course had both the most starts and the most DNFs. Kudos to the two girls who took on an Orange course on their own, and came in smiling after three hours.

We had 72 starts (about 100 people) spread out fairly evenly among all the courses. In addition, a revised String-O course, which stayed on the grass behind the barn, had 5 enthusiastic participants. The courses were straightforward for the Great Brook map. White, Yellow and Brown stayed north of the Meadow Pond complex, and the others routed just south of it (without going south into Tophet Swamp). The Stone Row/Indian Hill area in the north of the map got mixed reactions - those that picked up the enlarged map insert for that area perhaps liked it better. Some light-green areas on the eastern side of the map have had enough die-off that the area is okay for running. On the other hand, some areas in the south marked as white were a bit overgrown. Control #144 (Green #16, Red #21) was universally hated by everyone, for being overgrown and difficult to locate.

With so many orienteering regulars out of town for the U.S. Classics Champs, we were worried that we might be short on volunteers, but that was not at all the case. Thank you to everyone who helped!!

Tim Booth and Pete Frykman took care of the day of meet computer/results, and Tim also set up the course files ahead of the meet and posted the results online. Faye Doria, Bud O'Leary, Dorina Nimigean, Michael Cooper and Richard Powers all helped with set-up, registration, instruction, and String-O setup. In addition to helping with all of that, Bud O'Leary also took care of all of the food and drink, and is one of the most organized volunteers I have met. Bob Dangel and Gary Gallagher picked up controls, as did Paul Regan, who jumped in to help when he heard me talking about prioritizing control pickup. Many of the above and some others (sorry, I didn't get names) helped take down equipment and pack it in my car.

A special thank you to Tim Parson for being the shadow Meet Director, answering all of my questions and taking care of a bunch of the pre-event details, and also to Gary Gallagher, who took on vetting all of the control locations, putting out most of the controls, and reminding me a number of times that anyone who was likely to complain was going to be out of town.

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String Course    
Name Age  
Eleanor 2  
Luna 1  
Emilio 7  


White 1.8k    
  Name Club Time
1 Naomi Shapiro NEOC 11:41
2 Coraline McCarty NEOC 38:24
3 Nicholas Shaw   46:55
4 Leah + 1   49:40
5 Ben Clark   71:22
6 Scott Frank   129:08
  Greg Lewis NEOC DNF
Yellow 2.6k    
  Name Club Time
1 James Sperry   32:41
2 Wesley McCarty NEOC 43:12
3 David Penfield NEOC 44:51
4 Alan Chisholm NEOC 51:31
5 Cynara Wu, Amera Hammond   63:03
6 Marc Richute + 1 NEOC 64:21
7 Katie + Melissa Passino   70:36
8 Helen Demakes NEOC 79:27
9 Chris Beatod NEOC 81:17
10 Thomas Williams   82:40
11 Karen Neuberger   95:56
12 Mary Jo Larson NEOC 122:35
13 Joseph Sanicki   127:27
14 Mikal Rossendahl + 1 NEOC 128:59
15 Sandra Mead   129:44
  Tim Booth NEOC DNF
  Pete Beckwith NEOC-MQ DNF
  Erik Jack   DNF
  Ben/Andy Cheung   DNF
  Charlotte   DNF
Orange 4.9k    
  Name Club Time
1 John Leiserson NEOC 89:31
2 Jennifer Cocking   98:11
3 Ed Baldwin   102:19
4 Thomas Storwick   104:15
5 Elinor Karlsson   111:25
6 Rebecca & Eyal NEOC 121:58
7 Ray Collings   125:46
8 Anna Karl   126:07
9 John Mitchell NEOC 143:53
10 G Seifert LIOC 153:42
11 Liz Brooks NEOC 157:01
12 Catrin Carey, Julia Clarke   181:53
  Mami Nishimune   DNF
  Steven Rosenfeld   DNF
  Steven Onorsto   DNF
  Chris Noon   DNF
  Jen Bush   DNF
  Alan Chisholm NEOC DNF
  Clarissa Smith NEOC DNF
  James Sperry   DNF
  Tony Siddall NEOC DNF
  Russell O'Donnel +1   DNF
  Richard Powers NEOC DNF
Brown 3.1k    
  Name Club Time
1 Pete Frykman NEOC 62:36
2 Paula Crock NEOC 72:16
3 Faye Doria UNO 74:47
4 Trish Krantz   78:39
5 Richard Shapiro NEOC 82:45
6 Ed Baldwin   86:22
7 Jonathan Rosenfield NEOC 122:28
8 John Kernochan NEOC 133:52
9 Michael Commons NEOC 161:26
10 Patricia Miller NEOC 161:37
11 Hop Holmberg NEOC 168:51
  Tom Jones NEOC DNF
Green 5.7k    
  Name Club Time
1 Mike Cooper NEOC 84:00
2 Alex Vai NEOC 89:39
3 Bob Dangel NEOC 90:51
4 Richard Powers NEOC 92:46
5 Michael Dwyer NEOC 100:32
6 Mark O'Connell NEOC 113:45
7 James Brooks NEOC 136:02
8 Nat Brooks NEOC 157:26
  Xavier Fradera NEOC DNF
  Patrick McNeal NEOC DNF
  Kari Reini Raisu Lumous DNF
Red 7.0k    
  Name Club Time
1 Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 101:29
2 Lars Johnsen   107:26
3 Ryan Colburn   107:28
4 Drew Clarke   117:17
5 Paul Regan NEOC 124:04
6 Keith Durand CSU 138:05
7 Jeremy Mollison DVOA 177:55
8 Dan Foster   190:48
  Bill Binette NEOC DNF