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Mt. Tom, Holyoke, MA
May 17, 2015
Meet Director: Phil Bricker

 It was a warm and buggy day, but that didn’t prevent a slew of advanced orienteers from tackling the challenges of Mt. Tom’s Northeast Kingdom. Ian Smith took the honors on the blue course; Misha Lipatov, in second, also had a notable performance. Ethan Childs, in spite of a surprise when his map didn’t match his clue sheet, easily won the red. Alex Jospe rocked the green course; then did the blue course as a cooldown!  Tim Parsons also had a fine run on green, the class of the over-50 field. The ageless George Walker easily took the brown.  

This was the second stage of five for the New England Challenge Series. There will be three more stages in the fall. How these stages will be scored hasn’t yet been determined:  stay tuned.

I had a lot of help on the day of the meet, including Sam Levitin (registration), Peter Gagarin (starts), Jim Paschetto (results), and Will Daniels, Ian Smith, and Peter Gagarin (picking up controls).

View the splits here (courtesy of WinSplits). Raw splits file is here.

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Yellow 2.2k 125m  
  Name Club Time  
1 Fiona & Mathias Clot   65:15  
2 Wecksulis (2)   68:24  
3 Emmett Quinn +1   96:16  
4 Ed & Carol Dill   166:25  
5 Erin Binney & Billy Broaddus   226:56 no Start punch
Orange 3.5k 180m  
  Name Club Time  
1 Marcello Pradel TOC 49:41  
2 Amanda Auger   83:30  
3 Scott Anderson   126:05  
  D. Steinbock NEOC DNF  
  Tom Martin   DNF  
  Matt Villamaino   DNF  
Brown 3.6k 180m  
  Name Club Time  
1 George Walker   62:26  
2 Jim Crawford NEOC 81:11  
3 Andrus Cakuls   83:31  
4 Eva Ruutopold UNO/NEOC 99:59  
5 Judith Karpinski NEOC 111:11  
6 Stephen Morss NEOC 133:43  
  Nancy Duprey UNO DNF  
Green 4.8k 250m  
  Name Club Time  
1 Alex Jospe CSU 50:23  
2 Tim Parson NEOC-MQ 57:35  
3 Alar Ruutopold UNO 62:15  
4 Ernst Linder UNO 70:04  
5 Tom Nolan QOC 85:41  
6 Glen Tryson EMPO 97:04  
7 Charlie DeWeese NEOC/WCOC 102:17  
8 Sam Levitin NEOC 103:23  
9 Pelle Wåhlström NEOC 110:50  
10 Janet Tryson EMPO 122:55  
11 Jim Paschetto NEOC 126:02  
12 Janet Findlay EMPO 143:03  
  Jaana Pietari NEOC DNF  
  Michael Tollefson NEOC DNF  
  David Hunter EMPO DNF  
  Bill Duncan WCOC DNF  
  Richard Powers NEOC DNF  
Red 5.9k 300m  
  Name Club Time  
1 Ethan Childs   73:50  
2 Jeffrey Saeger NEOC 83:40  
3 Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 87:38  
4 Jeffrey Schapiro NEOC 94:44  
5 Ken Walker CSU/NEOC 97:02  
6 Katia Bertoldi CSU 112:00  
7 Earl LaVallee WCOC 127:10  
8 Paul Regan NEOC 153:02  
  Dean Sturtevant NEOC DNF  
  Mike Larow   DNF  
  Joe Usoff   DNF  
Blue 7.3k 400m  
  Name Club Time  
1 Ian Smith CSU 76:16  
2 Misha Lipatov CSU 83:30  
3 Giovanni Berlanda CSU 86:13  
4 Will Daniels NEOC 95:26  
5 Alex Jospe CSU 100:52  
6 Ari Ofsevit BAOC 105:20  
7 J-J Coté LROC 119:58  
8 Olivier Clot NEOC 176:32