The New England Orienteering Club

Wrentham State Forest, Wrentham, MA
May 9, 2015
Meet Directors: Bill Binette and Jim Paschetto

Saturday was a tremendously good-weather day for "walking" orienteers, with temperatures in the 70° range and low humidity. Maybe because of the cool nights, the insects have not yet made a significant hatch. There were lots of flies, but they weren't biting. The meet was sparsely attended, and two reasons were suggested:

  1. People had yard work to catch up on, or
  2. Memories of the "worst weather ever" and Patriots traffic on Oct. 18, 2009 made the drive to Wrentham SF too painful to contemplate. 

The 51 starters were warned about the amount of climb by a note taped to the menu board. Starting from the north end of Wrentham SF keeps the courses in the big hills. On a very clear day, you can see Boston from the highest point. The Brown course had the smallest percentage of climb at 5.6% (195 m.), but only two people started on Brown. The orienteerers attending were really up for the challenge.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped make this meet happen: Sylvie Guichard, Xavier Fradera, Kelly Guarino, Tim Booth, Richard Powers, Will Daniels, McKenzie Blair, Scott Turner, Tim Parson, and David Miller. (Who are we forgetting?)

View the splits here (courtesy of WinSplits). Raw splits file is here.

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White 2.24k 155m
  Name Club Time
1 Lukas Webb CSU 44:56
2 Tor Webb CSU 45:06
3 Cheese Puffs (5) NEOC 51:33
4 Jennifer Wilson (5)   52:50
5 Jarmo Latva-Kokko NEOC 58:28
Yellow 2.47k 185m
  Name Club Time
1 Rachel & Ben NEOC 65:39
2 Tim Booth NEOC 69:00
3 Rebecca & Ailish Kelly   73:28
4 Wesley McCarty NEOC 73:33
5 Terry Keegan NEOC 74:48
6 McKenzie Blair   101:26
7 Jennifer Wilson (2)   103:52
8 Brenda Trapani   151:42
  Eamonn Kelly & Pat Callahan   DNF
Orange 3.83k 260m
  Name Club Time
1 Patrick McNeal NEOC 51:59
2 Sarah Hughes NEOC 110:05
3 Sylvie Guichard NEOC 114:00
4 Robert & Anita Redus   126:00
5 Sarah Valentine NEOC 179:08
  Peter Frykman NEOC DNF
  Samantha Bova NEOC DNF
  John Bottoms   DNF
  Greg Lewis NEOC DNF
  Lydia O'Connell NEOC DNF
  Roland & Ted Ouelette NEOC DNF
Brown 3.50k 195m
  Name Club Time
1 Jim Crawford NEOC 82:48
  Mark Webb CSU DNF
Green 5.02k 340m
  Name Club Time
1 Tim Parson NEOC-MQ 50:34
2 Andy Mykyta NEOC 57:26
3 Pia Webb CSU 60:45
4 Meg Parson NEOC 63:03
5 Michael Cooper NEOC 81:39
6 Richard Powers NEOC 84:02
7 Neil & Dashiell Martin NEOC 88:30
8 Phil Bricker NEOC 93:03
9 Kelly Guarino NEOC 94:31
10 John O'Connell NEOC 96:16
11 David Quinn NEOC 96:53
12 Mark O'Connell NEOC 105:20
13 Xavier Fradera NEOC 121:30
14 Karen Yeowell NEOC 132:22
15 David Webster   137:27
16 Jeanne & Mark Hummel NEOC 168:49
  Michael Tollefson NEOC DNF
Red 6.14k 370m
  Name Club Time
1 Will Daniels NEOC 77:08
2 Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 80:16
3 Michael Hughes NEOC 86:40
4 Jeffrey Schapiro NEOC 96:06
5 Scott Turner NEOC 104:23
6 Dean Sturtevant NEOC 109:33
7 Andrew Vakhutinsky NEOC 145:09