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event arena & parking 

Walk to Start.  

Start Area (All Courses):  

Start Procedure (Orange - Brown - Green - Red - Blue):  You will be called to the line two minutes before your start time to check in. One minute before your start time you will advance to where maps are available. Write your name or number on the back of the map. You may ask the attendant to check that you have the right map, but do not look at the map before you punch the start. At your start time you will punch the start control and head for the first control. 

Start Procedure (White - Yellow):  We are using Orienteering USA's "Map Preview" option for youth on White & Yellow.  All White & Yellow courses are open starts at any time during the start window.  Meet volunteers will ensure a minimum of 2-minutes between competitors on the same course.  Start procedures for M/F-10, M/F-12, M/F-14, and youth on recreational White and Yellow courses:

Clear and check your e-punch when you arrive at the start area. Advance to the call-up line and check in with a volunteer. You will receive your map and loose control descriptions here. If desired, preview the map with a coach or event volunteer. You may discuss anything during this time, such as orienting the map, planning your routes, recognizing boundary features, checking control codes, and punching. When ready to start, check back in with a volunteer before starting so there is adequate time between others starting on your course.  At this point, you've formally exited the coaching process – the course is now an individual effort. You must punch the start control before heading off to the first control. 

First control

After completing your course, please go directly to download. You will be asked to deposit your map in a bin, if the start window is still open; otherwise, keep your map. Maps from the collection bin will be available for pick-up as soon as everyone has started.

All courses have a time limit of 3 hours.  To prevent needless search & rescue operations, any competitor who exceeds this time limit must abandon their course and move expeditiously to Finish/Download.  All competitors, including those who do not finish their courses, must punch finish and download—this is how we know you are safely out of the woods.

Awards will be given based on combined time from the two days.  

Complaints & protests will be handled in accordance with OUSA rules of competition (in writing to organizers...within 1 hour of course closure).

Course Notes

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water on the courses.  

Some areas are densely packed with controls as little as 30 meters apart (if on significantly different features). Please check control numbers.