Bigelow Hollow SP has a $15 per car per day parking fee for out-of-state vehicles.  It is only payable online, and there is a $2 reservation fee, so it's really $17.  The QR code takes you to the Reserve America website for Bigelow Hollow Day Passes.

It is a day-use fee, so it must be purchased separately each day, but not before 8AM.  The cellular connection in the park is hit-or-miss.  You'll get a confirmation code that you can write on a slip of green paper (available at park kiosks, if they don't run out).   Leave a note on your windshield in the event of issues (no connection, website not working, no green slips left, etc)--park staff is typically lenient and asks you (on the honor system) to pay later in the day after leaving the park.

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Yes, we know this is horrible.  It is state-directed so don't abuse the park staff.  Try as we might, we have been unable to find an alternative solution (pay as part of meet fees or registration, drop-box payment, manning the park toll booth, etc).  Complain to your local CT state representative and tourism board. 

If you are renting a car and can snag one with a CT license plate, you'll save $34 at the park, hint, hint.

There is plenty of parking behind the Union Town Hall (1043 Buckley Hwy, Union, CT 06076), which is 2 miles / 3 minutes from the entrance to the park, if you want to carpool in with other competitors.


Model Event, Fri, Oct 7

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Day 1, Sat, Oct 8

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Day 2, Sun, Oct 3

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